Jamie Winter Dawson’s work  invites reflections on ownership, notions of power and responsibility, and the mechanisms with which humans perceive their relationship to the natural world. Jamie Winter Dawson studied biology, genetics, and fine art at the University of Minnesota. She has received residencies, awards, and visiting artist invitations and has shown in a network of art spaces including the Soap Factory, Science Museum of Minnesota, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Prøve Gallery, Paul Whitney Larson Gallery, Soo Visual Arts Center, Silverwood Gallery, TuckUnder Projects Main Gallery, Altered Aesthetics and, most recently, The Kansas City Museum. Jamie is currently working on a new multimedia project that chronicles her recent and unforeseen change in location, community, and life seasons. The project will travel to different art spaces and educational venues and will also take on the form of a book. Jamie is also an arts educator, working as a teaching artist and radical inclusion advocate. She is based in Kansas City, Missouri with her two rescue cats Bella & Oliver and extraordinary husband, Bryan.


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